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Pool Deck Resurfacing

2900 sq. ft Concrete Addition- Pool Deck Resurfacing

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Pool Deck Resurfacing Tips:

Beautifying Your Yard: Pool Deck Resurfacing

Is It Time for Pool Deck Resurfacing?

4 Pool Deck Resurfacing Ideas

Beautifying Your Yard: Pool Deck Resurfacing

As the days heat up, you are likely looking to reopen your pool for the summer. Now is a great time to consider pool deck resurfacing! This inexpensive process revitalizes the look of your backyard at minimal cost. At the same time, any cracks or problems are solved to prepare your pool for summer use. You select the colors and patterns, and Easter Concrete Contracting transforms your pool into a private resort.

The process itself is simple and quick. A thin layer of concrete is applied to the perimeter of your pool. Any color you choose can be mixed with the wet concrete. Match your pool deck with the paint job on your home, or create a striking visual with color-coordinated deck furniture. For further customization and beauty, select a stamped concrete overlay. These overlays mimic the texture and appearance of more expensive materials. Intricate scrollwork gives your pool a resort vibe. The look of planked wood fits a western motif, and can be enjoyed without the maintenance or cost of real wood. Brick or flagstone patterns are also available. Easter Concrete Contracting can help with any other ideas you may have for your perfect pool deck. The combination of colored and stamped concrete provides you with near infinite possibilities. Since the layer of concrete applied is thin, it dries fast. Concrete restoration makes pool deck resurfacing projects take much less time from start to finish. The result is a durable, beautiful area to soak up the sun while you cool off.

Pool deck resurfacing not only beautifies your swimming spot; it is also a greet tool for fixing cracks that may have appeared with the weather changes from the winter’s freeze and thaw. Furthermore, materials can be applied to enhance the safety of your pool deck. Anti-slip glaze provides peace of mind for swimmers. UV Protection will prevent any fading from the sun’s glare. Check out the benefits of pool deck resurfacing, and heighten the enjoyment of your pool this summer!

Is It Time for Pool Deck Resurfacing?

Any time is the right time for pool deck resurfacing. These beautiful new coverings make the swimmers feel like they are at a fabulous resort. If you want a sleek, stylish surface in a new shade, just pick out the desired color. With stamped concrete overlay, the finished results look so natural that everyone will think that expensive, hand-laid granite was carefully installed. Even the worn look of old, wide, hand-hewed wooden planks can be created with concrete for an authentic Western feel.

Exciting New Products

Not only are these surfaces extremely durable, they resist damage from UV rays, salt, chemicals and freezing weather. Special coatings keep wet feet firmly in place, reducing injuries from slips and falls. Pool resurfacing decks have a special formula that keeps these sun-baked surfaces cooler and more comfortable for bare feet. Even with all these wonderful amenities, these new toppings are easy to maintain. Because these products simply cover the old concrete with a thin layer of fantastic new material, homeowners are not inconvenienced with long, messy renovations.

Choosing the Right Product and Look

Pool deck resurfacing turns ugly, stained, and dirty-looking concrete slabs into sparkling, expensive-looking palaces of relaxation and pleasure. The lucky owners simply decide what protection they want, if any, for the exciting new look of this wonderful water paradise. Enjoying the results of playful pale blue tiles, light gray sandstone or cool white swirls is the fun part of this incredible renovation.

With this fast and easy concrete re-do, any time is the perfect time for pool deck resurfacing. The long, lazy, hot days of summer will be more fun with a stylish new play area. These improvements even come with a cool or skid-resistant surface.


4 Pool Deck Resurfacing Ideas

Your pool is a great place to cool off on a hot day, and the poolside is a wonderful place for parties. But if your pool isn’t looking as inviting as it should, it’s time to consider pool deck resurfacing. Easter Concrete Contracting offers decorative concrete solutions for even the most worn-out pool decks. Here are four ideas to help you increase the aesthetic appeal of your pool.

1. Color

Concrete is available in any color you may choose. Offset the deep blue waters of your pool with a striking border of colored concrete. Or for a striking visual, match the colors of your outdoor furniture with the color of your pool deck resurfacing.

2. Stamped Concrete Overlays

Stamped concrete overlays can be applied in nearly any pattern you desire. Update your pool deck with the appearance of colorful tiles. For a resort feel, try a design of swirls or scrollwork in calming blues. If you desire a western feel for your backyard, stamped concrete overlays can reproduce the look of rustic wooden boards.

3. Slip resistance

Pool deck resurfacing makes your poolside safer for all swimmers. Old surfaces can become worn and slippery; resurfacing your pool provides slip resistance while beautifying the area.

4. Weather Protection

A coating of UV-blocking glaze allows your new pool deck to resist sun damage. This coating slows color fades on colored concrete surfaces. There is also a coating available to help prevent cracks during the winter. These weather-protecting glazes extend the life of your pool deck.
No matter what time of year, pool deck resurfacing is a fast and affordable way to make your poolside safer and more attractive. Resurfacing takes little time so you are not inconvenienced.  Easter Concrete Contracting wants to work with you to achieve the poolside you always imagined. Your own private resort is just a phone call away!