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From the very basic to the most intricately designed outdoor living spaces, Easter Concrete Contracting can help you find yourself enjoying the fresh air more often. Adding an outdoor kitchen, living area or fireplace is a practical way to increase your property value while creating a great place to entertain friends, host family gatherings or just enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Turn your dreams into concrete by letting us provide you with a designed set of plans and a full 3-D virtual tour of exactly what you could have before we start construction. With financing options available you are one step closer to filling the void in that special place in your yard. Call today to schedule an appointment!


Tips for your Outdoor Kitchen or Fireplace:

New Outdoor Kitchen Concepts

Essential Elements of Your Outdoor Patio Kitchen

Countertops for Your Outdoor Patio Kitchen: Concrete or Tile?

Enjoy Your Outdoor Patio Kitchen through the Winter with a Fireplace

Autumn Recipes for Backyard Kitchens

The Appeal of Custom Outdoor Kitchens

6 Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

Outdoor Room Ideas for Colder Seasons

Plants for Your Outdoor Patio Kitchen

Outdoor Room Ideas: Creating a Media Center

Expand Your Home with Outside Living Space

New Outdoor Kitchen Concepts

New outdoor kitchen concepts show a transformation; as people spend more time at home, homeowners are turning fresh-air BBQ places into havens of convenience and relaxation. The idea is to expand the functionality family and friends can enjoy in the backyard.  Pizza ovens and outdoor TVs are quickly becoming necessities, not luxuries. Spacious kitchen sinks with elegant faucets, hot water, and icemakers are gaining popularity. Providing both shade and heat extend the hours and days this popular space can be enjoyed.

Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens are awesome in form as well as function. Any style, from rustic to contemporary, can be designed and incorporated into any backyard cookery. A wood-fired oven is lined with special brick and reinforced with steel fibers capable of withstanding high temperatures. Some of these units reach baking temperature in just 45 minutes and retain heat up to 24 hours. Gas units are also available.

Outdoor TV

With a television designed especially to operate in humid, wet, hot and cold conditions, there is never a reason to run inside to check on a sports score, see the car races or watch a long-awaited TV program. These 27 in.—65 in. weatherproof units offer brighter pictures with higher contrast and the tempered glass screens are coated with anti-glare and anti-reflection products. High quality marine-grade speakers and a water-resistant remote keep the action going.

Other Amenities

Comfort and space are behind these new outdoor kitchen concepts; homeowners are demanding luxury and convenience. Spacious, decorative kitchen sinks with tall faucets, hot and cold running water and icemakers compete for space with other appliances on the durable concrete countertops. Protection from sun and rain and heat keeps people comfortable for longer periods of time.

Bigger and better is the slogan for modern outdoor kitchen concepts. Try incorporating some of these ideas to spend more time in your own outdoor kitchen.

Essential Elements of Your Outdoor Patio Kitchen

Creating a special outdoor patio kitchen requires attention to comfort and setting. Cooks deserve the convenience of a great grill, power and water, countertops to work on, handy storage and refrigeration. Guests enjoy delectable treats even more when they are presented in an unexpected glamorous setting. These modern-day entertainment areas should be fun and easy to use while reducing work.

Essential Ingredients

Having everything needed to cook and serve in one area creates an ideal outdoor patio kitchen. Although you may not need a top-of-the-line unit with 12 stainless steel 42,000 BTU burners with a built-in searing grill (grill masters, we know you’re drooling…), the grill you get should be large enough to fill your need. Electrical outlets are a necessity; whether the cook wants a deep fat fryer for French fries, blender for margaritas, or gourmet coffee machine for after-meal drinks, the plug-ins should be ready to use. Running water is handy for quick cleanups. Colorful cement countertops just need to be hosed off when everything is done and put away. Meanwhile, these unbreakable tables provide space for assembling ingredients, holding plates and silverware or serving prepared food. Built-in storage keeps everything at the cook’s fingertips and sanitary while a refrigerator provides cool drinks on demand. A warming drawer keeps courses hot until served.


This wonderful fresh-air cooking center is framed by the yard. The patio can be a delightful surprise in pink, blue, green or tan concrete, stamped to look like large flat stones, worn wooden planks, or large, colorful rugs with wide borders in intriguing designs. A shade over the dining area keeps the temperature comfortable while the furniture in the lounging area is plush with overstuffed cushions and high backs. People linger over conversation or games.

An outdoor patio kitchen is a favorite and convenient gathering place. The cook has everything he or she needs to make preparing a meal easy while guests relax in comfort. Contact Easter Concrete Contracting to find out how to make your own outdoor patio kitchen a haven of comfort and conversation.

Countertops for Your Outdoor Patio Kitchen: Concrete or Tile?

An outdoor patio kitchen makes a wonderful addition to your living space. The amenities are boundless. You can cook full meals outside as the fresh air mixes with the delicious scents of foods, creating a truly relaxing atmosphere for parties or a simple night in. When designing your outdoor patio kitchen, the desired result is a relaxing spot which is also easy on the eyes. Choosing the right material for your outdoor countertops can make all the difference. Tile is commonly used, but concrete can give you more style options and an easier clean-up!


Easter Concrete Contracting offers concrete stamping, coloring, and glazing. With these options, you can fully customize the look of your outdoor patio kitchen. The look of tile can be replicated without the need for seeking the perfect color combinations to suit your style.
Virtually any color or design you imagine can be pressed or mixed into the concrete. The result is a gorgeous countertop which meets all your expectations for aesthetic appeal.


The cost of purchasing individual tiles can be staggering. Installation costs for tile are also much higher than concrete. Furthermore, concrete is incredibly durable and scratch resistant. In the event of unforeseen accidents, the repair cost of a concrete countertop is much less.

Ease of Clean-Up

The use of tile necessitates the use of grout. In changing weather, grout can become moldy. Concrete has no such problem, and is also easier to clean after you cook that big family dinner in your outdoor patio kitchen. Simply hose away the mess with warm water, and your kitchen is as pristine as the day it was installed.


If your tile gets old or outdated, you have to completely rip out the existing tile and install entirely new countertops. If a tile cracks, you have to track down the manufacturer and find a replacement tile.

With concrete countertops, though, any cracks can be easily repaired, and if you ever tire of your style or color, overlayments are simple and cheaper than purchasing tile.

Easter Concrete Contracting offers a boundless array of options for your outdoor patio kitchen’s countertop space. You can affordably have the look of tile without the limitations. From small wheel-mounted cooking areas to full fledged, geared-up kitchens, concrete offers better durability, quick repairs, and stunning results.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Patio Kitchen through the Winter with a Fireplace

Be the first one in your crowd to use that wonderful outdoor patio kitchen for a Thanksgiving feast with the perfectly smoked turkey or Christmas Eve extravaganza, complete with BBQ ribs. A fireplace especially designed for warmth adds ambience and romance to wintery grill times. This backyard addition is the perfect get-out-of-the-house hideaway. Although these concrete visions of beauty and strength are affordable, functional and oft-used, there are five extra reasons to invest in one. Outdoor living space is convenient and comfortable, offering lots of fresh air. Not only are concrete fireboxes unique, they add value to the property.

Outdoor living spaces save homeowners time and effort by providing easy-to-clean, spacious gathering spots. These wall-less additions handle crowds of one or fifty with equal ease.  Each outdoor patio kitchen creation is unique; the right design creates a private oasis just for that yard. An outdoor fire pit may be a freestanding accessory in the corner in muted colors, letting the kitchen unit shine. Other homeowners want an elegant fireplace, tall and dramatic, drawing visitors like moths to flames. Imaginative buyers make this extravaganza the centerpiece of the kitchen by incorporating it into the grill and counter space. After all, this wonderful addition to living does not have to be a rectangular, gray, boring box; it can be any shape, size, color or finish imaginable. By exploring different plans, placements and configurations, homeowners quickly find the perfect solution to warding off wintertime cold and lethargy.

There is no reason to spend a long, boring winter confined inside a stuffy, too-small house staring longingly out the window. It is easy to answer the call of the backyard, clean air and wide-open spaces. Simply by adding a wonderful concrete fireplace to your outdoor patio kitchen, you can enjoy carefree living in toasty comfort and convenience even during cool falls, frigid winters and chilly springs. With today's innovative designs, these durable creations add value to both life and real estate.


Autumn Recipes for Backyard Kitchens

For great times, camaraderie, and easy living, masters of the grill crank up their backyard kitchens this autumn for fun and delectable delights. These perfectionists require three things from this magical process: taste, ease, and fun. Backyard cooks want all of their meals be knock-your-socks-off tasty, while keeping the food preparation process as simple and quick as possible. Most of all, cooking in the wide open outdoors has to be enjoyable for both the cook and the lucky people invited to join the celebrations. Although old favorites are always welcome, fantastic new autumn recipes enthrall everyone. These new creations are free on the Internet and amaze cooks and diners alike.

Finding novel backyard kitchens recipes is simple with an Internet search for outdoor grilling. Special formulas for each season take advantage of abundant harvests and the freshest ingredients. Sometimes grillers use simple tricks, like grilling slices of apples, pears, bananas or pineapples and serving these tasty treats with a scoop of ice cream or a grilled doughnut sliced in half. However, grilled yellow squash with basil or asparagus with spicy herb pesto brings color and interest to the table. You can find more of these recipes at adapts hot dogs and sausages to the fall season by adding grilled peppers and onions. This resourceful site even offers a delectable pulled beef in a slow-cooker sandwich recipe.

Although everyone has their favorite way to prepare BBQ ribs, chicken, venison and freshly caught fish, Internet recipes offer intriguing variations and step-by-step help for the novice. For example, the Backyard BBQ’s Spareribs recipe found on has detailed instructions, time requirements and even different spices to vary the flavor. Although the total time to prepare this pleasure is 6 1/2 hours, prep time is only 30 minutes, and grilling accounts for 3 hours. Marinating takes the rest of the time.

Enthusiastic outdoor cooks can find a never-ending supply of intriguing new autumn recipes on the Internet. Adapting dinner plans to include the abundant, fresh fall produce in exciting innovative dishes is easy and fun. Backyard kitchens are a constant source of pleasant surprises, exquisite dining experiences and good times; everyone cherishes these outdoor living spaces.

The Appeal of Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Imagine a world of custom outdoor kitchens, each designed for only one cook. That lucky person only needs to reach out his or her arm to reach BBQ tools, salt shaker, spices or plates. There is no more stooping to inconvenient shelves, digging for utensils, or asking people to move aside so the sink, grill or electric plug-in can be used. These wonderful creations have an out-of-this-world cooking center, out-of-the-way spaces for guests to visit while dinner is slowly roasting, and a fresh air dining area. Custom outdoor kitchens contain the right countertops, layout, accessories and grill to make your cooking experiences superb.

In your custom kitchen, countertops are the right height whether the cook is 4'9" or 6'2". Adapting the form to the available space and intended use is simple. The cook simply picks his or her favorite cooking setup. This may be an extra-large island by the swimming pool, a straight-line arrangement on the patio or a curved design by the French doors. Of course, any kitchen needs its water, electricity and refrigerator to be self-contained. Adding drawers and extra storage spaces make this vision even more convenient.

Topping off this extravaganza of convenience is the grill. A gleaming stainless steel beast with multiple cooking areas, double warming racks and heating elements for pots of slowly simmering baked beans may dominate this space. Some cooks prefer a simpler, smaller appliance. Seemingly small details finish out these custom outdoor kitchens. The locations of the sink, refrigerator, drawers and storage spaces are important, as right-handed cooks need their tools of the trade on the right side while left-handed cooks want these items to the left of the cooking area.

You can stop imagining and start planning the barbecue palace of your dreams. Custom outdoor kitchens start with imagination and are brought to life by experienced professionals who understand the importance of every detail, from countertops to layouts to accessories and the all-important grill. All it takes is a telephone call to turn this fantasy into reality. Easter Concrete Contracting can help you architect your dream kitchen.

6 Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

Getting fantastic outdoor kitchen design ideas is easy; the hard part is adapting these wonderful plans to the lifestyle, space and budget available. Six fun and festive ideas anyone can use are: create a room, include a fireplace, mini kitchenette, all-in-one on wheels, build around water, and a wall of convenience (don’t worry, we’ll explain what those mean below!). Of course, the easiest way to create this fresh air living space is to take your idea to a professional at Easter Concrete Contracting and use our expertise to develop an actionable plan.

Creating a Room and Adding a Fireplace

By installing a few pillars or solid design elements, you can create a distinctive sense of space, so your outdoor kitchen actually feels like a room. A wall of latticework or vines can help define the area. By framing the BBQ area, cooks and guests have privacy. Setting a fireplace opposite the work center adds warmth during cool nights and colder seasons.

Mini Kitchenettes and All-in-One on Wheels

Bring a party-like atmosphere to the dining experience, even in small spaces, with portable cooking centers. These unique ideas are great flex space organizers. Cooks need a grill, water, electricity and prep area. The most convenient mini kitchenette designs create workspaces with electrical plugs on both sides of the cooking surface and a small sink within 2 or 3 steps. These outdoor kitchen designs can include a variety of elements, like straight lines, L-shapes, U-shapes, curves, stationary islands, or even mobile, wheeled units. All-in-one units on wheels usually have all your necessary amenities in one place, including hookups for power and water.

Build Around Water and Wall of Convenience

Designing the perfect outdoor kitchen starts with identifying water access locations or blank walls. A water spigot is a great place for a sink with the cooking center located nearby. An unused wall of the house, garage or other outbuilding may be the perfect place to build a handy outdoor kitchen.

With a bit of imagination, coming up with outdoor kitchen design ideas for your private space is fun and easy. Of course, it’s up to you to decide what is absolutely necessary for you as a cook or a host, and how much space you want to use. Building this addition for comfort and creativity is the part you can leave up to Easter Concrete Contracting’s professionals.


Outdoor Room Ideas for Colder Seasons

Just because the temperature drops a few degrees is no reason to retreat to the house. Staring longingly out the window at your favorite place of fun and relaxation will not help. However, these outdoor room ideas can extend party time. Simple and not so simple fixes include heaters, fire pits, fireplaces, cozy nooks and enclosures.

Bringing Fire

Heaters, fire pits and fireplaces add instant warmth and comfort. Gas, propane and electric heaters are available in stationary and portable designs. Of course, electric heaters do not have flames (if they are operating properly); these units just provide instant heat with the flick of a switch. Fire pits are decorative as well as functional and encourage conversation. Portable units can be moved as necessary and stored away for extra space during summer, while built-in creations add style all year long. Building beautiful, warmth-giving fireplaces is our favorite of all outdoor room ideas. Extra seating can be provided by attractive wings and raised hearths. Although most of these are wood-burning, gas and propane units can be installed for instant convenience. Even cool summer nights benefit from these toasty touches.

Cozy Nooks and Enclosures

Creating special places for year-round enjoyment is easy. Making your own private oasis only requires adding an L- or U-shaped framework covered in canvas or other wind-blocking material to a heated area. These units are light, portable and can be used any time. A frame patio with cover can be quickly changed to an atrium with the addition of clear panels; the radiant heat supplied by the sun quickly warms the area for comfortable daytime use.

Deciding which one of these summertime extenders is the best option will generate many enthusiastic discussions among family members and friends. There is no reason to settle on just one of these outdoor room ideas when it is just as easy to choose two or three from this list of heaters, fire pits, fireplaces, cozy nooks and enclosures. That way, everyone can party until spring.

Plants for Your Outdoor Patio Kitchen

An outdoor patio kitchen is the perfect place to wind down after a hard day of work. Sipping a tasty beverage in the waning sunlight, with the sounds of the outdoors and the smell of scrumptious food wafting over the yard, can relieve stress from even the most harrowing day. Your outdoor oasis is a wonderful location for parties with friends and families. Cooking an entire meal poolside on your outdoor patio kitchen allows your guests to move freely and relax. The decorative concrete composing your patio paradise is enhanced by attractive plants that help provide the right outdoorsy atmosphere.

Consider planting an herb garden near your outdoor stove. Fresh herbs fill the air with a heady yet pleasant scent. Having such plants near your cooking space can inspire you as you prepare food for your loved ones and guests. Many herbs are as beautiful as they are useful; proud, purple lavender and tufts of white basil flowers add comforting smells and beauty to a landscape.

In addition to an herb garden, lush greenery is an important feature around your outdoor patio kitchen. Trees can provide shade, while ferns add a jungle vibe. A display of delicate flowers surrounding your patio creates a gorgeous “fence.” Choose colors that complement your concrete, your furniture and your style.

Keep the local climate in mind when choosing plants. What grows well in one region often doesn’t in another. If you desire herbs but your soil is too sandy, plant them in individual pots and arrange them around your outdoor patio kitchen for beauty and ease of access. The same is true for flowers and ferns. Pots give you the option to move plants indoors during inclement weather. They also offer mobility – you can makeover your outdoor space simply by rearranging your potted plants.

Create your own private paradise in your backyard with a lush outdoor patio kitchen. Easter Concrete Contracting will do the masonry, while you further personalize your patio with just the right plants to set the mood.


Outdoor Room Ideas: Creating a Media Center

Why not enjoy television from the warm embrace of your hot tub? Your backyard is a personal outdoor haven from the pressures of life. It is also a wonderful spot for sports gatherings and parties. Outdoor living has come a long way from a rocking chair on the porch, and you deserve to enjoy all the comforts of indoors while luxuriating in the fresh air. Outdoor room ideas are no longer limited to barbeque pits and lawn chairs; deck out your backyard with an outdoor media area!

You can create an “outdoor living room” near your patio kitchen, and never miss a moment of your favorite show while grilling a tasty dinner. But to protect your electronics, your outdoor media center will require shelter from the elements. Outdoor room ideas for the middle of your yard might include building a concrete structure, which provides protection and visual appeal. Imagine a stamped concrete entertainment center in the middle of your backyard! With concrete, you can choose the color and design at a lower cost than other materials.

Having music in the backyard can set the mood for a poolside party. An outdoor media center focused on music gives you an accessible way to change the music and set the mood for whatever type of gathering you host. Outdoor speakers can be installed around the area to ensure that no one misses out on the tunes, whether they are at the grill or in the pool.

Your backyard is an extension of your home. Spending time outdoors is a relaxing way to pass the time. Outdoor structures maximize the pleasure of outdoor living by combining the comforts of indoors with the pleasures of outdoors. Easter Concrete Contracting provides solutions to help you achieve your dreams for ideal outdoor living.

Expand Your Home with Outside Living Space

The backyard provides the ideal location for summer barbeques with family and friends. Relaxing around the grill with the sound of crickets providing a soothing background makes the perfect evening. Spruce up your backyard and extend your home, with the addition of an outside living space! From the simple yet classic patio to the full-fledged outdoor kitchen, Easter Concrete Contracting has solutions to help you achieve your dream for a paradise in your own backyard.

Your outside living space may only need the addition of a concrete patio to complete the picture. Patios provide a stable area for outdoor furniture or a perfect place to house your grill. The addition of couches and tables provides you with an excellent location to enjoy the sunshine while you relax in style. They can be covered with a roof or enclosed within a tent to give you some shade from the summer heat. Easter Concrete Contracting can provide you with beautiful, artistically stamped concrete to make your patio stand out. We offer concrete in various colors to complement the décor of your home itself. Stamped concrete can even resemble an elaborate rug to complete the image of your patio as an extension of your home!

For true grill masters, an outside living space must include an outdoor kitchen. With a fully functional stove outside, you gain the ability to create astonishing meals in the comfort of the open air. Wood-burning outdoor stoves double as a cozy fireplace, creating the sensation of a hearth with all the benefits of fresh air.
Take advantage of all your backyard has to offer with an outside living space. With a comfortable set up of outdoor furniture, you can create an outdoor room with all the benefits of both indoors and out. Whether you desire an eye-catching patio, a full-fledged kitchen, or even a media center, Easter Concrete Contracting has the experience and prices to help you transform your backyard into a true extension of your home.