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Flagstone Patio Design

after flagstone patio design

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Flagstone Patio Design Tips:

Creating Your Unique Flagstone Patio Design

Flagstone Patio Design

Flagstone Stamped Concrete Works for Many Styles

Creating Your Unique Flagstone Patio Design

Jazz up your backyard with a flagstone patio! Flagstone’s jagged, puzzle-like pieces and the variety of coloring provide you many options to customize the look of your backyard paradise. From a fire pit to a poolside, flagstone is a durable, attractive material that lends class to any outdoor setting.  Easter Concrete Contracting has many years of experience with flagstone patio design. We will help you build the perfect patio!


Your poolside is a great place for flagstone. Surround the perimeter with smaller stones, and branch to larger stones for a unique flagstone patio design with the feel of a resort. A fire pit proves a great addition to any backyard. Arrange the irregular pieces of flagstone spiraling from the center to the outside of your gathering area. Any outdoor living area benefits from flagstone. Flagstone patio design compliments your patio furniture, and makes it stand out.

Designs and Colors

The irregularity of single stones lends flagstone a variable quality. These pieces fit together like pieces of a puzzle, designed for aesthetic appeal. By laying larger stones in the center of your patio, and radiating to smaller stones towards the edges, you can easily highlight the center of your gathering space. Flagstone comes in many colors as well. For a unified look, try stones of similar colors. If you desire something a little more eye-catching, use stones of varied yet complementary colors. Rustic or resort-like, your outdoor hangout gets a gorgeous update with the addition of flagstone.

Color and size let you truly customize your unique flagstone patio design. Your backyard gains the addition of a great looking and functional space. Flagstone is also durable and easy to clean, which makes it ideal for fire pits and outdoor kitchen areas. Easter Concrete Contracting has flagstone patio ideas to help you along the way to building the perfect backyard area to suit your style.


Flagstone Patio Design

A beautiful patio adds life and excitement to a backyard. Using a unique flagstone patio design will impress family and friends for decades. Because flagstone is a natural material, each rock is distinctive with individual colors and shapes. Combined, these gifts of nature have WOW power. Designing something special is easy to do with one of these innovative plans. Making unique patterns, using color, creating borders and designing separate spaces are all it takes for an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind outdoor living area.


This product comes in three different materials: sandstone, slate and limestone. The colors range from light to dark in browns, reds, grays and blues. Unless the product is cut into rectangles or squares, the natural stone pieces are irregular in shape and size and fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Designer Looks

Creating a unique flagstone patio design is done by arranging the stones in certain ways. These arrangements include patterns, colors, borders and separate spaces. Here are some ideas for your flagstone patio design:

1. Design the space around 5-7 large stones, with smaller stones surrounding them.

2. Place blue slate in the center, surrounded by wide rays of brown, red and gray limestone to draw everyone's attention to the center of this outdoor living room.

3. Line the edges with the largest pieces to form an intriguing border while smaller chunks fill the center.

4. Segregate larger spaces into separate areas by design or color of the flagstone. A red sandstone area can host lounges while the barbecue sits on gray slate, and the table is proudly displayed on brown limestone.

Anyone can have a flagstone patio design that is the envy of their neighbors. Arranging this natural stone in different patterns, color groups, borders and areas creates special places for extraordinary people.


Flagstone Stamped Concrete Works for Many Styles

Incorporating flagstone stamped concrete into any style from luxury to rustic is easy. This modern product looks like expensive slabs of stone laid by hand in the best old world craftsman style. Flagstone is the perfect base to showcase any furniture or outdoor area. You can use the following guide for luxury, country, traditional, and contemporary and rustic looks. No matter which color you choose, all of these cement patios are affordable, durable and almost maintenance-free.


A deeper, richer color creates a look of quiet elegance. Dark grays and greens with touches of gunmetal blue form the perfect background for sturdy teak furniture, big outdoor televisions and stone fireplaces with warming benches. The overall feeling is one of luxuriant relaxation and contentment.


The country style is lighter, with a welcoming mixture of white, beige, tan and salmon colors. When this flagstone stamped concrete supports an outdoor kitchen area with a small refrigerator, stainless steel sink, and smooth countertops, it becomes a favorite place for visitors to gather. Since cleanup is easy with a garden hose, the light colors are no problem for stains.


Using shades of bronze, browns, reds and rust on this patio allows homeowners to showcase their personal preferences in décor. The four-person hot tub in the corner welcomes people for a relaxing, warm whirlpool after a long, hard day. Even the white patio furniture looks at home on this intriguing surface.

Contemporary and Rustic

Contemporary homeowners can create a striking look by selecting mixtures of gold, silver, lavender or various shades of a single color like blue or green. The colors are chosen to complement or contrast beautifully-colored BBQs and outdoor furniture. A rustic style simply uses any of these tints, but in quieter, more subdued tones.

Flagstone stamped concrete works with any décor. These natural looking products hold extravagant fresh air kitchens with pizza ovens and modest two-people patio sets with equal class. There is a design perfect for every backyard and life style.