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What Are Concrete Overlayments?

Concrete overlayments may be the perfect solution! Affordable, durable, and beautiful, the addition of concrete overlayments makeover any area of your home while turning problem spots into works of art.

The Process
This method of concrete installation involves the mixing of concrete with a special polymer. Together, these ingredients create an easily moldable surface which allows for decorative stamping or he addition of colorful dyes. Concrete overlayments may be installed by a few different methods. The spray method is used to update an existing foundation with few problems. For tougher cracks or larger areas, the mixture is poured onto the surface. Once in place, it is spread across the area. We brush, squeegee, or spread the mixture across any surface you need updated. Color is applied before installation, while stamps are pressed in while the concrete is still fresh. Either method creates the possibility of further customization.

The Results
Once in place, concrete can be stamped in almost any pattern you choose. The versatility of concrete overlayments makes them perfect for indoors and out. Update your patio with stained or stamped concrete overlayments, and watch your backyard come alive! Your poolside becomes a private oasis instead of just a swimming hole. Your outdated kitchen backsplash becomes a piece of art you can take pride in. You could also have stamped concrete installed in the entryway to your home and make your foyer stand out. Patterns can resemble expensive stonework, bricks, or tile at a fraction of the cost. These patterns can be applied anywhere in or outside your home.  Furthermore, Easter Concrete offers quick project completion times to minimize any upset construction may cause. Our prices are set to make your dreams achievable.