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Transitioning Your Outdoor Patio Kitchen from Cold to Sizzling!

With warm weather just around the corner, now is the time to get your outdoor patio kitchen ready for a new season of cooking, entertaining, and relaxation.  Of course, you want an area that mirrors the colors of summer, not one that reminds you of the dull shades of winter.  So, here are some ideas for heating things up outside:

  1. Plan your campaign ahead of time. – Take a good look around your patio and make a note of anything that’s dingy or drab, such as peeling paint or worn, faded seat cushions.  Then figure out a way to either replace it or give it a glowing makeover.
  2. Stir up some real heat. – Even if you already have a patio grille or oven, nothing says you can’t add an outdoor fireplace as well.  The cozy warmth it can provide will take the chill out of cool spring evenings and make a wonderful centerpiece for your design.
  3. Give the floor some spice. – Cold, gray cement under your feet will do nothing to lift spirits.  You can change its effect by either adding brightly colored patio squares or redoing it with colored concrete.  Use some sizzling orange, red, yellow, or pink shades, and you’ll transform the mood from somber to festive.
  4. Choose plants and trees with vivid, happy colors. – Japanese maples, with their fiery leaves, make a stunning contrast when paired with the cooler green of lavender bushes.  Yellow, orange, or scarlet flowers will get things cooking as well.  Visit your local greenhouse and you’ll find a wide variety of plants sure to give you and your guests a sunny disposition.

While your mind is on these things, remember that Easter Concrete can give you the outdoor patio kitchen of your dreams.  We can build it from the ground up to match your specifications, add plumbing and wiring, and finish it all out in your choice of concrete or flagstone.  Contact us today.  We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a free, no-hassle estimate.