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Ten Things You Should Know about Custom Outdoor Kitchens

When it comes to custom outdoor kitchens, a little planning goes a long way.  Here’s a look at ten things to consider before starting one:

  1. What do you want to do with your outdoor kitchen? – A place for a few family members to grill burgers and play board games will be different than one intended to entertain large numbers of guests.  Picture how you will use the area and what you will need to accommodate your plans.
  2. How much space should you have? – To determine this, it’s good to think in terms of “zones,” one for food prep, one for cooking, and one for serving.  How much space you need for each will be determined partially by the size of your equipment and appliances.  You’ll also need to consider how much room you will need around you to perform each task comfortably.
  3. Where will you locate it? – You will most likely want to walk back and forth easily from the indoor kitchen to the open-air one, so plan for that.  However, you should also consider how often you’ll be entertaining, whether you’ll want shade from trees or other natural sources, the view, and which way the wind blows (to avoid getting a face full of cooking smoke).  If you have a pool, you may also want to ensure you have easy access to it.
  4. How high should your counters be? – Average table height is around 30 inches.  Counters are normally 36 inches, and bars range from 42 to 44 inches, with a cantilever of 10 inches or so to accommodate bar stools as well as knees. People vary widely in height, width, and other factors of course, so plan accordingly.
  5. What appliances and equipment will you need? – This goes back to our first step.  Is the kitchen meant for family use only, or do you plan to have friends over often?  Will you use it to entertain business clients?  Do you drink?  What kinds of foods will you prepare?  Questions like these will tell you whether you need a single grill or a full oven, if you should have a refrigerator, if you want to include a bar, and what sort of furnishings you’ll need.
  6. Are there zoning or other restrictions in your area? – You don’t want to build the kitchen of your dreams only to be fined because something doesn’t match local building regulations.  Check with your city or country government before you give the go-ahead for any construction.
  7. What is your personal taste? – Each of our custom outdoor kitchens incorporates the client.  Some persons might love pink concrete floors with yellow counters and stainless steel appliances.  Others may find such a layout hideous.  With all of the design options open to you, it’s possible to customize your outdoor kitchen to almost any look you want, so give this some serious thought.
  8. Will you want a roof over your head? – While this can shade guests from sun or light rain, you want to avoid having the cooking area itself covered, unless you like smoke and cooking odors in your eyes and nose.  Consider your needs and your budget while thinking about this option.
  9. Will you need to accommodate children or persons with special needs? – Safety railings, wheelchair ramps, and kid-proof power outlets will be priorities for some persons. 
  10. What can you afford? – Last, but by no means least, you’ll need to work out a budget for your outdoor kitchen project, whether you finance it or pay all at once.  Be realistic about the amount you can spend.

When you decide to turn your dream into a reality, you won’t go wrong by talking to us here at Easter Concrete.  We have the tools, the training, and the experience to build patios, custom outdoor kitchens, or other projects your way.  Our top-quality craftsmanship and components will ensure that you enjoy your investment for many, many years, all for a price that won’t drive you to bankruptcy.  We look forward to hearing from you.