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Six New Trends for Decorative Concrete Solutions

When most people think of concrete, they picture a dull, grayish substance used for things like sidewalks and bridges.  However, the fact is that new innovations are turning this once drab building material into something that is as beautiful as it is durable.  Here are six trends in the world of decorative concrete solutions:

  1. Metallic concrete – Imagine a home with floors that sparkle like steel, copper, or brass but aren’t made from those metals at all.  That’s what can be achieved when concrete is mixed with special reflective pigments.  The results are amazing.
  2. Glow in the dark concrete – You read that right.  Builders can now mix concrete with harmless photo-luminescent surfaces so that it gives off light, even in perfect darkness.  This technique is making walkways, stairs, kitchen counters, and other surfaces safer and more attractive than ever.
  3. Mixed materials – Not only is concrete a great surface material, but when combined with stone or brick it creates a beautiful visual pattern for patios, pool decks, and other structures.  The striking contrast and different textures combine to form eye-catching designs that are as bold as they are beautiful.
  4. “Soft” concrete – Imagine looking at a concrete surface and being reminded of a favorite pair of faded, feather-soft jeans.  That is exactly the effect that many designers are achieving by using concrete in conjunction with plaster and other materials.  The overall effect is relaxing and natural.
  5. Check out those curves! – There’s no law that says things made of  concrete have to be square and have sharp edges.  Nowadays, you’ll find this wondrous building material cast into virtually any geometric form imaginable, including circles and softly flowing s-shapes.
  6. Concrete in disguise – Some people simply prefer the look of wood, marble, slate, brick, or stone; and with today’s building methods, they can have the appearance they want with the strength and durability that only concrete can provide. 

Of course, in order to enjoy these decorative concrete solutions, you must hire a company that knows its business, and that’s us.  Our craftsmen have the skills and equipment to turn your home improvement dreams into concrete reality.  Give us a call today.