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New Technologies for Decorative Concrete Contractors

When you hear the word “technology”, concrete probably isn’t the first thing that comes to
mind. However, as in other fields, researchers are finding new ways to use this centuries-old
building material. The results include stronger, more attractive surfaces with less cost and
effort than in the past. Here are three developments that decorative concrete contractors are
using to achieve fantastic results:

1. Spray coating – A long-established way of reviving dirty, stained, or discolored concrete
surfaces is to apply a cementitious compound to the top. Traditionally, that has meant
using laborious, time-consuming techniques to brush, squeegee, or sponge the coating
on. This is no longer the case, however, thanks to new concrete-polymer blends that
can be applied with spray painting equipment. This results in surfaces that look as good
as, if not better than, they did when first poured, with only a fraction of the cost or
effort involved with older methods.

2. Acid staining – One of the common objections to concrete as a building material is its
utilitarian appearance, as well as its tendency to soak up stains from oil, dirt, paint, and
other contaminants. One method for protecting and beautifying a concrete surface is
to apply coatings similar to the wax used on wooden floors. These can wear out over
time, however. A newer technique involves using acid based stains. These change the
appearance of the surface by chemically reacting with the components in the concrete.
This gives an attractive appearance without the drawbacks associated with some of the
more traditional approaches.

3. Stamped concrete – The practice of stamping patterns into concrete is very old. But
new advances in technology allow decorative concrete contractors to simulate a wide
variety of materials and textures, such as stones, bricks, and even seashells. In addition,
pigments can be added that give the surface the colors as well as the shapes of these

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