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More Options for Backyard Kitchens

Who doesn’t enjoy having lots of choices?  When it comes to backyard kitchens, you have a wealth of options to select from.  Here are just a few:

  1. Festive flooring – Gone are the days when you had to settle for a gray, dingy cement surface.  Nowadays you can select from stained, stamped, or colored concrete, in a huge variety of shades and other choices.  You can even include eye-pleasing designs in virtually any pattern you wish.
  2. Power on! – Using an extension cord for cooking or other electrical needs not only looks tacky, but also it can be a safety hazard.  You don’t want anyone to trip and fall, and you certainly wish to avoid electrocution!  Today you can have wiring and plumbing connections built directly into your patio, allowing you to enjoy the comforts of the indoors even when you’re outside.
  3. Counters and cabinets that do the job – That barbecue table you fashioned from pallets a few years ago was great in its time.  However, a proper outdoor kitchen calls for genuine countertops.  Whether you go with tile or concrete, you’ll have a durable, weatherproof surface that you’ll be proud of.
  4. Real appliances for real cooking – There’s nothing wrong with pulling out the old charcoal grill to whip up some burgers.  However, if you or your partner has higher culinary ambitions, consider adding a cooker, refrigerator, or other appliances to your outdoor kitchen.  They stand up to the elements and keep working and looking great. 
  5. No need to miss your favorite show – Are you preparing dinner at the same time the big game or season finale is on?  No problem. Just watch it on your open-air, widescreen TV while you’re chopping vegetables or baking a delicious dessert.  Models that shrug off the effects of heat, cold, and moisture are available.

With all of the ways that backyard kitchens can enrich your life, why not talk to us at Easter Concrete today?  We’ll be delighted to build you a cooking and dining space you’ll enjoy the rest of your life, all for a price that won’t break your budget.