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Five More Outdoor Room Ideas

When most people think of creating a room outdoors, they usually imagine the kitchen.  However, in fact, every indoor space can have an open-air version.  Here’s a look at some great outdoor room ideas:

  1. The living/TV room – There’s no reason to huddle within four walls when you want to knit, read a book, or watch television.  With the comfortable furnishings and weatherproof electronics now available, all of these activities can be enjoyed outdoors.  TVs and stereo systems that resist heat, cold, and moisture can be added to exterior décor, along with a fireplace for a nice extra touch.
  2. The home office – With more and more Americans working out of their dwellings, these have become especially popular.  They range from sitting on a chair on the patio while using a laptop to comfortably appointed workplaces set up in sheds or other exterior buildings.
  3. Poker room – Lots of folks enjoy playing cards the old-school way, with beer, chips, and even cigars close at hand.  However, those products can create undesirable stains and smells inside the home.  That’s why it has become fashionable in many circles to hold game night outside, where a spilled drink won’t lead to a carpet-cleaning bill.
  4. Family room – Do you enjoy playing board or video games with your kids?  If so, then there’s no reason to let that keep you from enjoying nice weather.  All of those activities can be played outside.  Even weatherproof ping-pong and pool tables are now available!
  5. Bedroom – Believe it or not, there are those who sleep most nights under the stars, and we’re not talking about campers or hikers.  With weatherproof bed frames and open roofed areas, they combine the comfort of indoor snoozing with the fresh air and bird songs of the great outdoors.

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