Over 30 Years in the concrete business

Easter Construction Does Bobcat Services, Too!

Here’s a look at just a few of the many services we can do for you:

1. Ditch or trench excavation – If you’re planning to install a sprinkler system, pour footings for a concrete foundation, or put in a drainage ditch, you’ll need some light earth moving done.  That’s a job that Bobcats are perfect for.

2. Lawn or grounds maintenance – Golf courses, factory grounds, public parks, school campuses, and other facilities have large, grassy areas that must be maintained.  With proper attachments, a Bobcat can manicure lawns quicker and easier than any mower.  Also, by hooking up a broom attachment, it can even sweep sidewalks, parking lots and paved roads.

3. Site cleanup – Construction areas can look like a hurricane hit them once the building is finished.  Broken lumber, torn insulation, trash, and bits of wire, nails, and screws can be scattered everywhere.  We can clean all of that up quickly with a Bobcat, leaving the area looking great in no time at all.

4. Land clearing – Maybe you have a piece of property where you want to build a home, create an athletic field, erect a warehouse, or maybe you just want to clear off a lot for future projects.  We can handle the job, doing everything from stump removal to excavation and backfilling.  If you want to keep mature trees in place while getting rid of smaller ones, a Bobcat can do that too. It can squeeze into areas a larger tractor would never fit into, making it the perfect tool for selective growth removal.

5. Underground pipe and electrical line installation – New building sites require plumbing and electricity.  Not only can our Bobcats dig the trenches needed, they can also lay the lines and pipes and cover them with earth.

6. Material handling – Maybe you’ve got a dozen pallets with lumber stacked on them that you need moved.  Or perhaps you’ve got mountains of fill dirt everywhere that you need hauled away.  A Bobcat can put your stuff where it needs to go, whether that’s to a different part of a building site or into a dump truck to be hauled off to the landfill.

7. Concrete slab or patio removal – You’ve found the perfect spot for your summer garden.  However, there’s an unused patio there already, and tomatoes don’t grow very well on top of concrete. On the other hand, you may want to tear up an old slab to make room for new construction.  A Bobcat can handle jobs like these in no time at all.

8. Post-disaster cleanup – The weather isn’t always our friend.  Here in east Texas, tornadoes and flash floods can destroy property in seconds, leaving behind devastation.  Our Bobcats can clear out the debris quickly, saving you the hassle and letting you get on with the job of rebuilding.

9. Grading – You can’t put a building on a hillside, and land must be properly sloped to avoid drainage problems.  Our Bobcat services can give you a level surface to put a new structure on.  We can also contour your property to get rid of gulleys, and direct water from rainfall to spots where it will do no harm.

10. Road cutting – Maybe you need a path cut for a gravel or dirt road.  We can handle that, too.

At Easter Construction we back all of the work we do with a guarantee of customer satisfaction.  So when you need Bobcat services, give us a call.