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Creating Your Unique Flagstone Patio Design

From a fire pit to a poolside, flagstone is a durable, attractive material that lends class to any outdoor setting.  Easter Concrete has many years of experience with flagstone patio design. We will help you build the perfect patio!

Your poolside is a great place for flagstone. Surround the perimeter with smaller stones, and branch to larger stones for a unique flagstone patio design with the feel of a resort. A fire pit proves a great addition to any backyard. Arrange the irregular pieces of flagstone spiraling from the center to the outside of your gathering area. Any outdoor living area benefits from flagstone. Flagstone patio design compliments your patio furniture, and makes it stand out.

Designs and Colors
The irregularity of single stones lends flagstone a variable quality. These pieces fit together like pieces of a puzzle, designed for aesthetic appeal. By laying larger stones in the center of your patio, and radiating to smaller stones towards the edges, you can easily highlight the center of your gathering space. Flagstone comes in many colors as well. For a unified look, try stones of similar colors. If you desire something a little more eye-catching, use stones of varied yet complementary colors. Rustic or resort-like, your outdoor hangout gets a gorgeous update with the addition of flagstone.

Color and size let you truly customize your unique flagstone patio design. Your backyard gains the addition of a great looking and functional space. Flagstone is also durable and easy to clean, which makes it ideal for fire pits and outdoor kitchen areas. Easter Concrete has flagstone patio ideas to help you along the way to building the perfect backyard area to suit your style.