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Concrete Staining Cost vs. Using Real Stone

Having real stone installed, however, can be a time-consuming and expensive process. You can have the appearance of real stone without the hassle by using stained concrete. The concrete staining cost takes less of a toll on your time as well as your budget, and the results look as classic and professional.  

Price of Materials
When you choose to have a stone floor installed, the cost of the bricks or flagstones can be astronomical. Flagstones are jagged edges arranged in a puzzle-like pattern. Because of their irregular shape and the demand for such stones, the cost of a real flagstone floor contains the potential of unexpected costs. Concrete staining mimics the appearance of flagstone in any color you desire without the need for purchasing individual stones.

Cost of Time
The installation of a stone floor can take quite a bit of time. Concrete installation is a quick process. Easter Concrete seeks to work with you to make the inconvenience of construction as quick and painless as possible. The concrete staining cost to your time is much less than stone installation.

As durable as stone may be, accidents do happen. If your stone floor becomes cracked or chipped, a new stone has to be installed. For you, this means purchasing a new stone and paying for the removal and installation of the patch. With concrete staining, the area can simply be sanded down and filled. The concrete staining cost of a repair is much more budget-friendly.

With stained concrete, you can have that beautiful patio or kitchen floor with less mess, less time, and more security. Concrete staining also provides you with many more color options than traditional stones. Easter Concrete has concrete staining solutions and the open communication to help you design the perfect area at a price you can afford.