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8 Reasons Why a Poured Concrete Retaining Wall is a Better Choice than Timber

The world would be a little easier to live in if it were flatter; it would also be a lot less interesting.  Ridges, hills, and mountains give land a mix of interesting textures and variety.  But when they’re on your property, they can also cause problems with drainage and erosion, making a retaining wall necessary.  If this sounds like your situation, then here’s why a poured concrete retaining wall from Easter Concrete is a better choice than timber:
1. Lumber retaining walls have traditionally been used in many places, but are rarely the material of choice nowadays.  That’s because they simply don’t last long.  With an average life of about ten years, they begin to deteriorate quickly, especially after exposure to rain.  This is true even of timber that has been treated.
2. Lumber retaining walls may look okay when they’re first built, but the same forces that cause them to lose strength and rot also turn them drab and dingy.  Gray, washed-out boards do nothing to enhance your home’s looks or resale value.
3. Many timber walls contain substances that can negatively affect your health.  Often, they are built from wood containing creosote, a poisonous preservative that can leech from the wood, contaminating ground water and causing sickness or even death.
4. The cost savings associated with building retaining walls from timber disappear when all of these factors are considered.  Just to save a few bucks, you’re stuck with a structure that will become a blight on your property, may potentially cause health problems, and ultimately fail to do the job for which it was intended, which might happen at the worst possible time.  Imagine hearing a crashing sound outside during a downpour, and watching your yard fill with tons of mud and stones, due to a collapsed timber retaining wall.

Compare all of those problems with the advantages of a poured concrete retaining wall from Easter Concrete:

1. You’ll have the security of knowing that it will stand up, decade after decade, to the worst that the elements can throw at it.  Concrete is impervious to rain and moisture, and we build our walls with steel bar reinforcements for ultimate strength and durability.
2. Concrete is an environmentally friendly material.  It contains no hazardous poisons or other compounds that can harm you or your family.
3. It will give your property an attractive, modern look that it will retain year after year.  There will be no rotting timbers sticking out like eyesores to annoy you and scare away potential buyers.  Instead, you’ll have a rock-solid wall that’s as strong as it looks.  At you request, we can even add coloring agents or special design features like stucco or stamped designs to enhance its appearance. 
4. When you figure in all of the advantages that concrete offers, such as strength, longevity, great looks, and peace of mind, its cost over time is actually a fraction of what you would pay for timber.
Do you currently have a wooden retaining wall that’s showing its age?  We can help with that! We’ll safely remove and replace it.  Or maybe you need to do something about an eroding hill, or tame a river of water that forms whenever it rains.  No matter which of these best describes your problem, the solution process starts with a call to Easter Concrete Construction.  We’ll be happy to come out, take a look at your situation, and give you both our recommendations and a free, no-hassle estimate for a new poured concrete retaining wall.  After that you’ll be enjoying it in as little as a few weeks.  So contact us today.